What Readers Are Saying...

In "The Fein Points of Tennis," Paul Fein has put together a huge number of interviews, quotes, facts, stories, and instruction that will fascinate anyone who loves tennis. I don’t know any other tennis book with this level of encyclopedic variety. As a small example:
  •  in-depth interviews with (to name just two) Toni Nadal and Nick Bollettieri.
  • A piece on ‘Tennis Books That Have Stood the Test of Time’.
  • An article on the importance of grip firmness.
  • Details on ‘Everything You Need to Know about Balance’.
And that’s merely scratching the surface. Crucially, each article is comprehensive, going into detail to tease out all the implications from the subject it is dealing with.
This is a must-have book for the true tennis fan, and with 500+ large-format pages, it will both educate and entertain you for quite some time!
~ Peter Farrell, Director of Development, Tennis Ireland
Look, no book is perfect, but this book has given me so many ideas, so many great reminders, and a great motivation to raise my own tennis game in this new year. This book is hard to put down -- you just want to keep going and delve further and further ….uncovering more and more. What this book also does is remind us how rich, deep, and wide the tennis world really is -- the history, the personalities, the equipment, the coaches, the tournaments, the varied ideas of on and off-court training, the techniques and thinking of the greats, and the whole mental side of the game. This book brings so much “tennis stuff“ together! Great job, Paul! We all love epic movies -- this is an epic book!
~ Charlie M
Incredible book! The amount (and quality) of information Paul has put together makes his book an amazing resource for teaching pros and players alike. Congratulations Paul!
~ Greg M
Anyone who plays or follows tennis should read this book or give it as a present for someone who does.”
 ~ Matt S (Great Britain)
"If you really want to improve your game, or just enjoy a good tennis read, this is the book for you!"
~ James P
Fantastic piece of work. I like how it is laid out and the photos really work. Extraordinary reference. Lots of wisdom along with a great collection of pointers and directions about the game.”
~ Gary S
"This is an impressive work. Aspiring and established players will find great value in it. I also enjoyed the photographs and the analysis of them. The instruction is filled with tennis history and the interesting characters that make up the sport. The title is absolutely perfect, and the cover is even more striking close up. A tour de Fein!"
~ Isla N 
This is how I dove into Paul Fein’s new book. I’m very interested in the serve. So I looked up the serve in the Table of Contents. Three chapters totaling 33 pages presented themselves. I started with “Everything You Need To Know About the Serve.” This was an illuminating, in-depth interview with Australian Grand Slam champion Pat Cash. It was totally fascinating—and useful. It ranged from general principles to nuances. It was like sitting in on a personal conversation.  A coach, a competitor, and a writer, Paul Fein is also a highly skilled interviewer. I recommend “The Fein Points of Tennis” to players and coaches everywhere.”
~ John C, PTR Certified Coach, USTA Tournament Competitor

Author:  Paul Fein
Published:  2021
Length:  511 pages