Book Review by Teresa Merklin

by Teresa Merklin


Paul Fein is a USPTA teaching professional with an Elite rating. He is also an accomplished tennis writer with a litany of award-winning tennis articles and best-selling books. In addition, Fein is an excellent Senior tennis player with a history of high national rankings. Fein recently published his latest book filled with his copious wisdom on how to elevate a player’s competitive level. The book is also packed with first-person perspectives from other renowned tennis coaches and pros.

It took me a long time to complete my initial read of The Fein Points of Tennis: Techniques and Tactics to Unleash Your Talent. I wouldn’t claim that I have come close to fully digesting it yet. I don’t think that Fein intended this book to be read in one continuous arc. However, I hesitate to categorize it as a reference book. The information is shared using a Socratic conversational form of posing a question that is debated and answered in detail. It is a unique approach to providing tennis instruction, and it is extremely effective.

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Written by Paul Fein, with Foreword by Dick Gould
2021 Coaches Choice

This book is divided into four sections: Techniques, Tactics, Interviews, and Final Points. It answers all of the questions you might have and then some that you didn’t know you had. The author doesn’t pretend to have all the answers although he might. He also relies on interviews with other experts on almost all subjects along with examples and illustrations using current male and female players.

Co-Presidents Elizabeth and Lois have decided to co-review this book to provide a “balanced” view of it.

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2021.feinpointsbookThe subtitle of Paul Fein's great book is "Technique and Tactics to Unleash Your Talent." Agawam, Massachusetts-based long-time tennis writer Fein is also a USPTA Elite professional who won 40 writing awards in his career. He states that his book "treats you to fascinating facts and stats, humorous and revealing quotes, and memorable anecdotes."

As a self-proclaimed tennis historian, it's those anecdotes that piqued my interest. Yes, he writes about the "modern forehand," the "strike zone," balance, and the geometry of tennis. And he provides an in-depth analysis of several underemphasized topics, such as the half volley, playing in the wind, touch shots, anticipating, lobbing, and wrong-footing.

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THE FEIN POINTS OF TENNIS: Technique and Tactics to Unleash Your Talent by Paul FeinNSMTA Member
Reviewed by Jimmy Parker
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August 2021
If you really want to improve your game, or just enjoy a good tennis read, this is the book for you! This tome weighs in at 511 pages and is the size of a workbook. As expected from a writer of Paul Fein’s gravitas, it is thoughtful and thought-provoking. The author, winner of more than 40 writing awards, is not just your dilettante journalist, observing the game from the sidelines. He himself is a top senior tournament competitor and a USPTA Elite Pro. His multiple vantage points give him a unique ability to challenge teaching myths and ask the right questions of his knowledgeable sources.