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( Magazines from the 1960s are $15 each)

1961 World Tennis -- June (cover slightly marred, some pages slightly stained but readable), Nov.

1962 World Tennis -- April, May, June

1963 World Tennis -- May, June, Oct., Dec. (cover slightly marred, some pages slightly stained but readable)

1964 World Tennis -- Jan., May, Oct., Dec.>

1965 World Tennis -- March, May, Aug., Oct., Nov.

1966 World Tennis -- Jan., June, Dec.

1967 World Tennis -- Feb., March, April, June, July, August, Sept., Oct., Nov.

1968 World Tennis -- Jan., Feb., April, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Dec.
TENNIS U.S.A. -- Nov.

1969 World Tennis -- Jan., June (cover is a bit ripped), Oct., Nov.

(Magazines from the 1970s are $12 each)

1970 World Tennis -- Feb., March, April, May, June (2), July, Aug.
Tennis -- April, Dec.
Tennis World (U.K.) -- Aug.

1971 World Tennis -- Jan. (2), Feb., April (2), May, June, July, Sept. (2), Oct. (2), Nov., Dec.
TENNIS U.S.A. -- June

1972 World Tennis -- Jan. (2), April, May, June (2), July, Aug., Sept., Nov. (2), Dec. (2)
TENNIS U.S.A. -- July, Nov., Dec.
Tennis -- Feb.

1973 World Tennis -- Feb., March, Sept., Oct., Dec.
Tennis -- June (2), Aug.
TENNIS U.S.A. -- June, Oct.
Tennis World (U.K.) -- Aug.

1974 World Tennis -- Jan., April (2), May, Sept., Oct., Nov.
TENNIS U.S.A. -- Jan., March, April, Oct., Nov.
Tennis -- June (2), Aug., Oct., Nov., Dec.

1975 World Tennis -- Jan. (slightly damaged), Feb. March, June (slightly damaged), July (slightly damaged), Sept. (slightly damaged), Oct., Nov., Dec.
Tennis -- Sept.
Tennis U.S.A. -- Jan., Feb., March, May (slightly damaged), June (slightly damaged), Oct.

1976 World Tennis -- Jan., Feb., March (slightly damaged), April, May (slightly damaged), June, Sept. (2), Oct. (slightly damaged), Nov. (slightly damaged), Dec. (slightly damaged)
Tennis U.S.A. -- Feb., April, June, July, Aug., Nov.

1977 World Tennis -- Jan. (2), April, May, July (2), Aug., Sept. (damaged but readable), Oct., Nov., Dec. (slightly damaged) Tennis -- Jan., Dec.
Tennis U.S.A. -- Feb.

1978 World Tennis -- Jan. (slightly damaged), Feb. (slightly damaged), March, April (slightly damaged), May, June, July, Oct. (slightly damaged), Nov., Dec. (2).

1979 World Tennis -- Jan. (2), March, April, May, June, July, Sept., Oct., Nov.
Tennis World (U.K.) -- Jan.-Feb., April, May, June, Aug., Oct.
Tennis (Australia) -- Jan.

(Magazines from 1980s are $10 each)

1980-1991 -- Every issue of World Tennis is in stock and in good, excellent or mint condition.

1980 -- Tennis World (U.K.) -- March
             Racquets Canada -- March, Winter

1981 -- Tennis -- July, Aug., Sept. (2), Nov.
             Tennis (Australia) -- March, Dec.
             Racquets Canada -- March, May
             New England Racquet Sport (U.S.) -- Aug.-Sept.

1982 -- Tennis -- Jan., March, May, June (2), July, Oct. (2), Dec.
             Tennis Magazine (U.K.) -- June

1983 -- Tennis -- Jan., Feb. (Yearbook Issue), March, April (2), June (2), Nov.
             Tennis Magazine (U.K.) -- May, June (2)

1984 to present -- Many issues of Tennis are in stock and in excellent condition.


Author:  Paul Fein
Published:  2021
Length:  511 pages