From the Author

From the Author

Insights from Paul on his new book, "Fein Points of Tennis, Techniques & Tactics to Unleash Your Talent" as well as news and analysis of topical tennis issues

Do You Enjoy Other Sports Besides Tennis?

“Tennis is so much like basketball in terms of cutting and moving and a little bit of jumping.” — Basketball legend Michael Jordan, a spectator at the 2014 US Open, in a stadium interview with Pam Shriver

Do you enjoy other sports besides tennis? I live in Massachusetts and playing tennis almost every day isn’t feasible in the winter. So I’ve added indoor basketball and ping-pong to my sporting life. Both sports are a lot of fun, but they also help my tennis, in addition to staying in good physical condition. Both are fast-paced, moving-ball sports that enhance hand-eye coordination and several other abilities and skills required in tennis.

Who Are Your Favorite Players?

 “I want to reach absolute perfection. And I think I can reach it.”
– Steffi Graf, owner of the unique “Golden Slam” in 1988, and the only player to win each Grand Slam title at least four times.

People occasionally ask me who my favorite player is. I always answer that a tennis journalist can’t have favorite players because that would compromise his objectivity and fairness. Then I add that I do admire certain attributes of all elite players.