The Fein Points of Tennis

Technique and Tactics to Unleash Your Talent

Game Changers

Author:  Paul Fein
Published:  2024

How the Greatest Players, Matches, and Controversies Transformed Tennis

In an unparalleled Golden Era, the tennis gods blessed our sport with the four greatest champions in its 150-year history—Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams. Now in GAME CHANGERS: How the Greatest Players, Matches, and Controversies Transformed Tennis, Paul Fein treats readers to in-depth features about these legends, their rivalries, and their legacies.

This wide-ranging compendium also includes poignant portraits of New-Gen stars such as Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, Iga Swiatek, Naomi Osaka, Aryna Sabalenka, and Coco Gauff.

Fein, a multi-award-winning journalist, shares these and other riveting stories with the expertise and passion that infused his highly popular Tennis Confidential books, which ranked No. 1 among tennis books on Amazon.

The chapter titled The Sport We Love will especially appeal to recreational players and tournament competitors. It features essays titled “A Game of Emotion,” “What Motivates Tennis Players,” “46 Great Things About Tennis,” and “Tennis: A Game of Beauty.”

In probing interviews, charismatic champions Andre Agassi and Monica Seles reveal how they evolved as they overcame career-threatening adversity. A comprehensive interview with eminent historian Richard Hillway—titled “The Origin of Tennis: History, Mystery, and Myth”—about our sport’s visionary founders and 19th-century leaders is essential reading for everyone interested in this seminal period.

Both casual and serious tennis fans will enjoy deeply researched essays analyzing the many controversies that embroil and enliven the sport. Fein presents thought-provoking arguments about the GOAT debate, the legalization of coaching, the Wimbledon ban on Russian and Belarusian players, flawed ranking systems and seeding methods, the merits of the service let, and the importance of an Olympic gold medal in tennis.

How does tennis stack up in terms of athleticism among the world’s leading sports? A multi-faceted essay titled “Who Are the Greatest Athletes of All Time?” will challenge, confirm, or perhaps change your opinions.

Other engrossing pieces include Gauff’s dream debut, the Isner-Mahut epic and its ramifications, a famous foot fault that caused a tempest, the teen who shocked the sports world, and the greatest “what ifs” in tennis history. 

Whether you are a new tennis fan or a longtime aficionado, you’ll relish the Momentous Matches. Here, you’ll learn about, or relive, the most storied duels in tennis history at the prestigious Grand Slam events—Wimbledon and the U.S., French, and Australian Opens.

All the pieces in GAME CHANGERS are spiced up by amusing anecdotes, juicy quotes, and fascinating facts. Do you know what Queen Elizabeth II suggested, while at a Wimbledon luncheon, that Roger Federer do? Or who said, “I feel 10 times more stress watching her match than when I’m actually playing mine!” about his pro tour girlfriend? You’ll find the answers in the “Fascinating Facts” sidebars sprinkled throughout the book.

What’s so funny about tennis? You’re guaranteed to laugh at the quick quips, double entendre, wisecracks, zingers, bon mots, and other hilarious humor found in The Light Side.

Paul Fein has written for over 100 tennis, sports, and general interest magazines in 30 countries and received more than 40 writing awards. In 1991, Tennis Week honored Fein as “International Writer of the Year.”

Fein’s diverse tennis background includes being a top-10 ranked New England men’s open and top-5 national senior player, Springfield (Mass.) Satellite Tournament founder and director, cable TV commentator, U.S. Tennis Writers’ Association vice president, NELTA tournament consultant, tennis club and council president, NEPTA ranking committee Co-Chairperson, and USPTA (Elite) teaching pro.

His instruction book, The Fein Points of Tennis: Technique and Tactics to Unleash Your Talent—also published by Coaches Choice—was named a Silver Winner in the Adventure, Sports, and Recreation category in the Foreword Reviews 2021 INDIES Book of the Year competition.

Stan Smith—a former Wimbledon and U.S. champion, Davis Cup star, and world No. 1—wrote the Foreword. Smith was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1987 and served as its President from 2011 to 2022.

“We always enjoy reading Paul’s books, especially Tennis Confidential and The Fein Points of Tennis. His latest book, GAME CHANGERS, features more keen insights about our sport, revealing portraits of the greatest stars, along with a very entertaining and informative style.” – Bob and Mike Bryan, holders of an Open Era team record 16 Grand Slam doubles titles, a Davis Cup title, and an Olympic gold medal


“Like very few tennis players, Fein the writer, can go both wide and deep! His stories open the reader to the sweeping arc of the Modern Game while unearthing the hidden nuggets of our favorite players. This educated reader came away enlightened.” – Tim Mayotte, former world No. 7 and Olympic silver medalist, currently head of the Tim Mayotte Tennis Academy, and chosen by Tennis magazine as one of the “Heroes of the Game” for his dedication to coaching education.


 “Paul’s writing is essential to all who love tennis. Devotees will enjoy memories relived by the player profiles, insights from the interviews, and the debates that fuel passion. Simply, this is the “Finest of Fein.” – Ted Robinson, prominent American broadcaster for NBC Sports and Tennis Channel

“Paul is one of the most professional journalists I have met.” – Patrick Mouratoglou, renowned coach who guided Serena Williams to 10 Grand Slam singles titles and an Olympic gold medal

 “As someone who was once the number 11 player on his 12-person high school tennis team, and someone who played doubles with the legendary Bud Collins in the media tournament at the International Tennis Hall of Fame, I found GAME CHANGERS: How the Greatest Players, Matches, and Controversies Transformed Tennis to be a real treat. There is something for everyone in this book; for those for whom tennis means life or death, to those who are the most casual of tennis fans, with a dose of humor mixed in. And all from an award-winning writer—Paul Fein—who knows the sport of tennis inside and out. You’ll learn tennis history and feel as if you were courtside for some of the sport’s greatest matches played by some of its greatest players. Because it is a collection of Fein’s stories over the years, you can read one at a time, and then put it down. But you won’t want to.” – Dave Goren, Executive Director, National Sports Media Association.


 "Paul combines both an almost encyclopedic knowledge of tennis and a strong, confident writing style." – Bill Simons, Publisher and Editor, Inside Tennis


 “A wide-ranging cornucopia of interesting and provocative articles from a longtime player, coach, and keen observer, Paul Fein’s GAME CHANGERS is one of those rare sports anthologies that keeps the reader riveted and looking forward to the next article. Fein’s latest take on tennis—a sport that demands high levels of both athleticism and skill—tackles everything from the game’s true origins in the 1870s and current challenges to informative player profiles and greatest matches. For those devoted tennis fans who hold a ball and racket in high regard, GAME CHANGERS will help complete the set.” – Allen M. Hornblum, author of American Colossus: Big Bill Tilden and the Creation of Modern Tennis


“In GAME CHANGERS, Paul Fein shares a lens into fascinating vignettes of the past two decades in tennis history. Players, traditions, symbols, and events are given depth and color. A must-read for not only tennis enthusiasts, but sport and history aficionados as well.” – Vania King, the 2010 Wimbledon and US Open doubles champion (with Yaroslava Shvedova), is currently a consultant for the WTA, a member of the USTA National Board, President of the Asian American Pacific Islander Tennis Association, and founder and Executive Director of Serving Up Hope.

Paul Fein has observed, served, and written about the tennis world from several vantage points during his eclectic career.

As a journalist, Fein has covered the most prestigious tennis events, such as the US Open, Wimbledon, and the Davis and Fed Cups, and has also written about the leading players, issues, and trends. His articles have appeared in sports, tennis, and general interest publications in 30 countries and received more than 40 writing awards. In 1991, he received Tennis Week magazine’s “International Tennis Writer of the Year” award.

Fein has authored four previous tennis books. Tennis ConfidentialTennis Confidential II, and You Can Quote Me on That were ranked No. 1 among tennis books on Amazon for more than six months. The Fein Points of Tennis: Technique and Tactics to Unleash Your Talent, also published by Coaches Choice, was named a Silver Winner in the Adventure, Sports, and Recreation category in the Foreword Reviews 2021 INDIES Book of the Year competition.

Fein is also a longtime member of the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) with an Elite rating. In 2003, he received the New England Professional Tennis Association (NEPTA) “Western Pro of the Year” award, and in 2014, its “Senior Player of the Year” award.

Fein played on the varsity tennis team at Williston Academy and then at Cornell University, where he had winning singles and doubles records under acclaimed coach Eddie Moylan. An accomplished tournament player, Fein ranked No. 7 in singles and No. 4 in doubles in the men’s open division in New England. As a senior player, he ranked No. 1 several times in New England in various age divisions and, in 2020, ranked No. 5 in the nation.

Fein has shared his expertise and experience over the years in several tennis organizations. He served as Tournament Consultant for the New England Lawn Tennis Association, Ranking Committee Co-Chairman for the New England Professional Tennis Association, and Website Editor for the National Men’s Tennis Association. Fein has also been Vice President of the U.S. Tennis Writers’ Association, President of the Springfield (Mass.) Tennis Club and the Springfield Tennis Council, and a Tennis Analyst for Continental Cablevision. He founded and directed the Springfield (Mass.) Satellite Tournament, one of the first five satellite tournaments in the world.

Fein is one of 125 experts to vote for candidates for the International Tennis Hall of Fame.



Author:  Paul Fein
Published:  2021
Length:  511 pages

Fein Points of Tennis...
A Review by John Yandell, the Editor and Founder of

The Fein Points of Tennis: Technique and Tactics to Unleash Your Talent is an awesome compendium because of its breadth, depth, and quality. Paul Fein is a highly knowledgeable USPTA teaching pro (Elite rating), but what makes this book exceptionally authoritative are his insightful interviews with renowned coaches Pat Cash, Gene Mayer, Patrick Mouratoglou, Nick Bollettieri, David Macpherson, Harold Solomon, Toni Nadal, and Rick Macci. This oversized, 510-page instruction book is unique because, in addition to excellent coverage of technique and tactics, it also includes comprehensive chapters on very important but seldom-covered topics such as balance, grip firmness, the geometry of tennis, analytics, running speed, defense, playing in the wind, sidespin, and the strike zone. All things considered, I strongly recommend The Fein Points of Tennis for coaches, teaching pros, and serious players.”

— John Yandell, the Editor and Founder of, the world’s most authoritative website for tennis instruction and video analysis of world-class players.


Fein Points of Tennis... A Review by Bobby Bayliss, USTPA Elite Pro

When I was approached to write a review of Paul Fein’s new book, “The Fein Points of Tennis,” I was more than flattered.

Almost all of us in the tennis world know about Fein. Heck, I have his books on the bookshelf in my office and have learned to appreciate what he has done, but I was not prepared for this great addition to the state of tennis literature and all that it contained.

To say it is comprehensive is to say that Roger Federer is a pretty good tennis player who has won many tournaments. Both are true but quite lacking in true assessment. In fact, after looking thoroughly through the book, I asked for two weeks to finish my review, such were the depth and scope of this work.



The Fein Points of Tennis

What makes The Fein Points of Tennis different from all other tennis instruction books?

This easy-to-read, authoritative collection of Paul Fein’s most incisive articles features topics seldom written about, such as the “modern forehand,” the “strike zone,” grip firmness, the critical importance of balance, and the geometry of tennis. It also provides an in-depth analysis of several underemphasized topics, such as playing in the wind, the half volley, match momentum, running speed, the subtleties of touch shots, and the arts of anticipation, lobbing, and wrong-footing.

The games of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, and other stars are dissected so you can learn—and copy—the secrets of their greatness. Thought-provoking topics are comprehensively covered, including the two-handed vs. the one-handed backhand, how analytics changed tennis, what videography reveals, how America can produce tennis champions again, and whether Djokovic has the perfect game. How you can play better defense and close out tight matches, whether you should elect to start a match serving or receiving, and why and how you should use sidespin are among the many fine points you’ll discover in this unique instruction book. In addition, more than 90 action photos, with detailed captions, demonstrate the technique discussed in the text.

In a first for instructional books, Fein interviews some of the world’s leading coaches and teaching pros. Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash covers every aspect of the volley with unparalleled expertise. Renowned teaching pro Rick Macci, who guided Serena and Venus Williams, Jennifer Capriati, and Sofia Kenin during their formative years, imparts his vast knowledge about the forehand and backhand. Patrick Mouratoglou, Gene Mayer, Toni Nadal, David Macpherson, and Nick Bollettieri, the latter having coached ten world No. 1 players, also share their wisdom. The insights and advice of these experts about technique and tactics will help improve your game, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, or even a successful tournament competitor.

Fein is a longtime tennis writer whose articles have received more than 40 writing awards and have been published in more than 30 countries. Two other vantage points inform his instruction writing: his career as an award-winning USPTA teaching pro with an Elite rating and his experience as an accomplished tournament player, ranking No. 5 nationally among seniors. Reading tennis, like playing it, should be fun. Accordingly, Fein’s book treats you to fascinating facts and stats, humorous and revealing quotes, and memorable anecdotes—all of which enliven the content.

The Fein Points of Tennis will appeal to and inspire the millions of recreational and tournament players, club and municipal teaching pros, in addition to high school, college, tennis academy, and pro coaches. The eclectic nature of this book will also engross tennis lovers of all kinds, athletes and coaches in other sports, tennis journalists and historians, and the merely curious.

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